Safety is everyone's responsibility


Safety is free from risk and danger.

Accidents is defined as an unexpected and desirable event resulting in damage or harm.

Hazards is an unsafe condition or activity, that if left uncontrolled can contribute to an accident.

Risk is the assessment of 'probability of loss' and potential amount of loss'.

Physical hazards

Physical hazards are different types of energy which may be hazardous to workers.

  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Temperature extremes

Biologocial hazards

Exposure can occur during demolition, renovation, sewer work, work on air handling systems, or other construction work from contact with contaminated or disease carrying

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Bird Droppings
  • Animals
  • Structures

Types of Accident measurements

  • Death
  • Fatal injury (broken legs, hips, amputation)
  • Non fatal injury (finger cut)
  • Occupational accidents (MSD, hearing loss)
  • Absence from work
  • Near misses
  • Working days lost

Chemical hazards

Chemicals can exist in the form of

  • Dusts, fumes, fibers (solids)
  • Liquids, mists
  • Gases, vapors

Examples of chemical hazards found in contruction work:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Welding fumes
  • Spray paints
  • Solvents

Ergonomic Hazards


  • Heavy, frequent, or awkward lifting
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Awkward grips, postures
  • Using excessive forice, overexerction
  • Using wrong tools for the job or using tools improperly

Personal protective clothing and equipment (PPE)

  • Legal requirements
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Face protection
  • Head protection
  • Hand protection
  • Foot protection

Direct costs

The direct costs are insurance, liability and property damage insurance

Indirect costs

Wages paid to injured worker for time not worked, fall behind deadlines, other staff needed, clean up, repair, reputation

Impact of overall performance

  • Time
  • budget
  • Absenteeism
  • Low mo
  • rale

Health and safety on sites

Reactive measures

  • Accident recording and reporting
  • Accident investigations

Proactive measures

  • H&S safety policy
  • H&S safety induction / training
  • Toolbox talk